Zinc Borate Anhydrous CAS: 12767-90-7

Zinc Borate for flame retardant in plastics
one)Physical and Chemical Homes:
Molecular System: 2ZnO 3B2O3 3.5H2O
Molecular WeigEPT 434.68
H. S Code: 2845710000
CAS No.: 1332-07-six
EINECS No.: 215-566-six
Visual appeal: White powder
Relative Density: two.67
Melting Level: 980
ToXiHu (West Lake) Dis.town: ltLD50 gt 1g/Kg
Index of Refraction: one.fifty eight

1. Zinc borate can be employed as multi-useful synergistic additives with antimony oXiHu (West Lake) Dis.de or other halogenated flame retardants to significantly improve the flame retardant overall performance, take away smoke emission and modify the balance on chemical, mechanical, electrical and so on properties.
2. As environmental safety substitute to exchange existing Antimony OXiHu (West Lake) Dis.de or halogen flame retardants, Zinc borate is straight used in PVC, PE, Polyolefin, Epoxy PoEPTmide etc resins and rubber procedure. Furthermore, it is broadly used in textile, fiber, flooring, leather, wall paper, carpet, paint and so forth ornamental resources to improve flame retardant overall performance.
3. Base on its chemical houses, Zinc borate is also utilized on anti-corrosion, infra crimson absorption, fungicide for wood preservation and so forth fields.

Solution name F lame retardant Zinc borate
Chemical house CAS No:1332-07-6

Molecular Formula: ZnB4O7

Homes White coloration powder
Specifications ZnO % : 37.74

B2O3 % : 47.65

Surface H2o % : .fourteen

H2o of crystallization % : 13.70

Guide material (ppm) % : six.eighty

Cadmium (ppm) % : one.43

Particular gravity: 2.67

Melting position oC: 980

Temp. of dehydration oC: 320

Refractive Index :1.58

Whiteness : 97

Particle Dimensions D50 (um): one.88

Utilization one.Inorganic addition flame retardan
2.Excellent scorching stability
three.Utilized in rubber, plastic, cable, wooden

Zinc Borate Anhydrous CAS: 12767-90-7

Zinc Borate Anhydrous CAS: 12767-90-7