Xkp400 Reclaimed Rubber Crusher Machine for Tyre Plastic Recycling

Reclaimed rubber EPT

Attribute and Composition

1. This is a double roll rubber-miXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ng EPT. It is made up of motor, equipment-down EPT, driving gears, velocity-ratio gears, entrance and back rolls, bearings, frame, include, bed plate, changing pin unit, emergency cease gadget, roll temperature changing unit, lubricating system and content plate, and so on.

two. Entrance and again rolls are pXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.lel mounted in the bearing of frame. By implies of EPT, driving gears, pace ratio gears, the motor drives the entrance and back rolls rotate towards each and every other so that rubber-cracking is started. The rolls are created from chilled cast alloy iron The internal of it is hollow. Steam and cooling water can go through them so that the floor temperature can be modified. Its area possesses increased hardness and fineness.

three. Roller bearing, copper bushing is set in the bearing base of body. Back roll bearing bases are fixed up on body, and the front roll-bearing foundation can slide in the XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.-rail of body.

4. Roll spacing altering is carried out by indicates of the reverse of hand wheel can make the thread rod push front bearing base movement. The roll pin minimizes when the hand wheel rotates clockwise, or else it will boost.

five. The emergency halting unit is mounted in the body. In irregular predicament, pulling the rod, via dynamic, the EPT is stopped right away.

six. Changing temperature gadget is two spray pipes with numeral rows of holes, prolong the two pipes into the hollow roll, the holes are in the situation of working section of the roll. The situation of holes slants to thirty diploma inner route so that the spraying water and steam is directed at getting in contact with angle of sizing content, this can control the floor temperature of roll.


Technological parameter

XKP-four hundred XKP-450 XKP-560
Entrance roll diameter(mm) 400 450 560
Rear roll diameter(mm) 400(Groove roller) 450(Groove roller) 510(Groove roller)
Operating size of rolls(mm) 600 650 800
Front roll area pace(m/min) seventeen.32 23.two 24.fifty six
Friction ratio 1:1.38 one:1.38 1:one.thirty
Max.nip(mm0 8 8 fifteen
Motor EPT forty five fifty five 75
Overall dimension: length timesWidth timesHeight(mm) 3950 times1800 times1780 4770 times1846 times1835 5064

Xkp400 Reclaimed Rubber Crusher Machine for Tyre Plastic Recycling

Xkp400 Reclaimed Rubber Crusher Machine for Tyre Plastic Recycling