Water Shutoff Agent Drilling Fluid Conditioner Polyacrylamide  PAM

Chemical floccXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.t nonionic /anionic/ cationic poEPTcrylamide pam

This item adopts the homopolymerization of acrylamide just before adding alkali hydrolysis.After granulating,dring,pulverizing,the look of the solution is white granule powder.The item will be better utilised in sewage treatment,eEPTly for wastewater from iron and metal EPT,electroplating,metallurgical and coal manufacturing unit.

Nicely drilling mEPTraw resources:

In oil subject exploration and deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment and exploration of geology, water and coal, it is utilised as adhesive of well drilling mEPTraw supplies, can enhance the support existence of drill bits, improve the drill pace and drilling footage, and decrease plugin replacing drill, and has prominent properly slough preventing result, and it can be used as fracturing fluid of oil fields or plugging agent of controlling profile and plugging h2o.

EPT Squander H2o Remedy:

Drinking water resources of many faucet drinking water factories come from rivers, the sand and mineral contents are higher, h2o is muddy, the water nevertheless can not attain requires although passing via sedimentation and filtration, and flocculating agent wants incorporating nonetheless huge adding volume generates increased mEPTamount and undesirable result. The incorporating volume is only 1/50 of inorganic flocculating agent if anionic-poEPTcrylamide is adopted as flocculating agent, but the result is numerous occasions better than the organic flocculating agent, and even dozens of instances.

Textile AuXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary Agent:

The item can be additional with some other chemical substances to get ready chemical grout, is utilized to starch textiles, can enhance the adhesive residence, penetrability and desizing performance, allows the textile to have electrostatic avoidance functionality, minimizes the desizing price, and lowers the starch miXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ng spots, fabric EPT breaking efficiency, and slipping objects.

Paper-making adhesive:

The product can be utilized as fining agent, residency agent, filtration support and paper dry and moist intensity reinforcing agent in paper-creating sector.

Mine Washing:

The solution can be used in coal washing EPTng centrifugal separation, can be employed in sedimentation and filtration of coal powEPTand coal mud, and can improve the recovery fee of coal powEPTand the filtration velocity.

Sewage Drinking water Treatment method:

When sewage water methods are acEPTphilic, it is more ideal to choose nonionic-poEPTcrylamide, the item can be matched with flocculating agent PAC, aluminium sulphate and the like, and it has the ideal impact in water treatment method.

Metallurgical Mineral Dressing:

It can be utilised in floatation and smelting of Zinc, manganese and copper mines, its leachate and slag can be included into PAM to boost the separation performance.

Sand Avoidance and Solidification:

The nonionic-poEPTcrylamide is dissolved into .3% focus, cross-linking agent is extra, and the solution can be sprayed on desert to avoid and solidify sand.

Oil field profile controlling and water-plugging agent:

The item can be matched with lignocellulose, a particular amount of chemical adhesive can be included, and the merchandise can be used as oil field profile managing and h2o-plugging agent.

Soil humectants:

It can preserve drinking water and solidify sand for soil and can play a role of humectant on sXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.e grass EPTing, tree EPTing, and sand solidification and dust prevention of soil.
Product requirements:

Products Anionic PAM Cationic PAM Non-Ionic PAM Amphoteric PAM
Appearance white granule white granule white granule white granule
Content % ge ninety ninety ninety ninety
The molecular bodyweight (million) 3-20 three-fifteen 3-fifteen 3-fifteen
Ionicity % 20-30 5-60 -3 Any ratio
H2o insolubles % le .1 .one .one .1
Dissolution time(min) le forty 90 sixty ninety


Anionic PoEPTcrylamide:
Anionic PAM is mainly used in minerals selection, metallurgy, coal washing, foods, metal, spinning and papermaking industry which entails separation of solid-liquid and squander water therapy. Anionic PAM can also be employed for oil effectively and oil extraction in oil business, and retention aids and intensifier in papermaking business.
Cationic PoEPTcrylamide:
Cationic poEPTcrylamide is primarily utilised as floccXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ts and dewatering reagents for market squander water and sewage retention aids and intensifier in paper producing industry waste drinking water therapy in pharmaceutical, leather generating, printing and dyeing industry waste water therapy, and organizer in textile market.
Non-ionic PoEPTcrylamide:
Nonionic poEPTcrylamide is largely utilised as floccXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ts with high selectivity in oil well fluid,and acidic squander drinking water remedy.
Amphoteric PoEPTcrylamide:
Amphoteric poEPTcrylamide is largely used large challenging waste water therapy or sludge dewatering reagents in oil refining and chemical business or papermaking sector.

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Water Shutoff Agent Drilling Fluid Conditioner Polyacrylamide  PAM

Water Shutoff Agent Drilling Fluid Conditioner Polyacrylamide  PAM