Sio2 Nano Silica Powder

Silicon OXiHu (West Lake)


Min 92%


Max .02%


Max 1.%


Max one.%


Max one.%


Max one.two%

K 2O

Max one.two%


Max 3.%

Decline on ignition

Max 6.%

Particle dimension (Coarse particles gt45um)

Max six.%


Coating: on the foundation of the original system of drinking water-based laEPT paint, nanometer silicon oXiHu (West Lake) extra totalweight .three-1% (to be fully dispersed), the suspension security, thixotropy, bond strength in between the coating and substrate, smoothness properties were enhanced drastically, shorten drying time, synthetic acceleratedultraviolet growing older check time multiplied, scrub resistance by the hundreds to tens of countless numbers of occasions, and anti fouling coating is enhanced clearly.

Plastic: silica nanoparticles completely dispersed in thepolypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other plastic uncooked supplies, can greatly increase the toughness,toughness and plastic merchandise, wear resistance and aging resistance. Such as the modification of nano PP, the major efficiency index of the drinking water absorption, insulation resistance, compression residual deformation, flexural power of all reached or exceeded the engineering plasticnylon six, solution durability enhanced much more than a single times,can exchange the nylon six and in some regions.

Colour rubber: add a modest amount of silica nanoparticles insolution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber (alternatively of black) as reinforcing agent and anti-growing older agent, colour rubber goods developed the toughness, toughness,eEPTation, bending resistance and anti ageing qualities have achieved or exceeded a few EPT of ethylene propylene rubber.

Magnetic supplies: in iron coke powder is added in thecomposite powder with nano silica based modified, right after screening, the highest degree of main efficiency merchandise tothe EPT States the eXiHu (West Lake) Dis.sting similar items, these kinds of asremanence depth higher than 4100 Gs, intrinsic coercivity is higher than 3000 Oe, the vitality merchandise is increased than four mGOe, and at the exact same time, substance manufacturing significantly lessen expenses.

In addition, tZheEPTng o silica can be extensively utilized in ceramic(porcelain enamel), gypsum, batteries, paints, adhesives,cosmetics, glass metal, chemical fiber, organic glass,environmental security and other regions of productupgrading.

Sio2 Nano Silica Powder

Sio2 Nano Silica Powder