Shandong Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate to Food Additives

Item EPT Bicarbonate
Sector Quality
EPT Bicarbonate
Foods Grade
Whole Alkali
(High quality Fraction of NaHCO3 Dry Basis) ge%
99 99.-100.five
Reduction of Ignition le% .fifteen .2
PH ninety
(10g /L ) le%
8.5 eight.five
(Top quality Fraction of NaCl Dry Foundation) le%
.two .4
As Quality Fraction
(Dry Foundation)mg/kg le
one one
Pb Good quality Portion
(Dry Foundation)mg/kg le
five five
Ammonium Move the examination
Clarity Go the test
White ge 85
Fe High quality Fraction
(Dry Foundation) le%
Insolution in Drinking water le% .02
SO4 Quality Fraction
(Dry Foundation) le%
Ca High quality Portion
(Dry Basis) le%
EPT 25kgs/1000kgs woven baggage with PE liner within
or in accordance to customer’s ask for.


one. Feed : sodium bicarbonate is used as feed for poultry and ducks.

two. Bread:As buffering agent,neutralizer and dough improver,it can be utilized,and can be used appropriately in accordance to manufacturing demands.

3. Laundry : backing soda is a all-natural deodorant and cleansing can thoroughly clean clothes effectively and carefully,get rid of stubborn stains and odors.

4. Gold manage: It is utilized to make adhesive for refractory content and furnace arm,and is also the raw material for making flux two and smelting magnesium metal.

Mainly used as foodstuff additive in meals things business,feed additives for animals,foaming agent in rubber market.Acidifying agent in medication business,Compounding ingredient in detergent producing,detergent in movie generating.Carbon DioXiHu (West Lake) reactor in beer,beverages,and so forth.

1.Are you company?
Sure, we can offer the products with EPT-term validity and stability.We also can settle for OEM and ODM orders.

2.What is your payment time period?
We can accept T/T and L/C at sigEPT as payment expression.

three.What about the supply time?
Inside 7 daEPTafter receiving your payment.

four.Do you have any certificate reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ding high quality manage?
Indeed,we have ISO9001:2008 certification to assure you the quality.

5: Do you give totally free sample?
Sure, we can provide free of charge sample . You only require to just take the specific fee.

Shandong Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate to Food Additives

Shandong Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate to Food Additives