S-80 Masterbatch Rubber Vulcanizing Agent Accelerator

Rubber vulcanization Agent Masterbatch Sulphur S-eighty

Ultrafine sulfur powder:80 plusmn1%
Epdm+oil+dispersant:20 plusmn1%
Quality stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd:

Item Granule
Physical appearance Yellow granule
Density(g/cm3): 1.50 plusmn0.10%
Mooney viscosity,ml(1+4)at100 degc: lt80
Filtration method(mesh/pm) 120mesh/two hundred mum
Sulfur material, % ge ninety nine.five
Dampness, % le 2.
Ash, % le .50
Acidity (calculated as h2so4), w/% le .005
Natural and organic make a difference, w/% le .30
Residue(150 mum),% le .ten

Properties:Yellow Granule.

1.S-80ge is a vulcanizing agent for organic rubber and artificial rubber

two.S-80ge is pre-dispersed masterbatch, straightforward to weigh, processing is not flying, does not leak, taste is little, is conducive to employee healthEasy to disperse, no decline, to make sure stable overall performance of vulcanized products

3.S-80ge can be evenly dispersed in the rubber to avoid regional over-sulfurization

four.S-80ge is eEPTly appropriate for compounds that demand brief-phrase miXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ng

5.S-80ge is appropriate for tires, hoses, EPTs, rubber shoes and EPT EPT goods.

Use:Incorporate with other gums in the back again of the mill or mixer (feed temperature le ninety ordmC).
Package deal:25 kg in carton box with polyethylene bag liner.
Shelf time:twelve months in great and dry place
Note:Granules or flake goods of different contents and various carriers can be produced in accordance to customer needs.These kinds of as S-80gs, S-80gn and so on.

S-80 Masterbatch Rubber Vulcanizing Agent Accelerator

S-80 Masterbatch Rubber Vulcanizing Agent Accelerator