Rubber and Pigment Application N330 N220 N550 N660 Carbon Black

Rubber and Pigment Software n330 n220 n550 n660 carbon black

Carbon black is an amorphous carbon. It is a black powEPTwith a extremely big area area ranging from ten to three,000 m2/g. It is a product of carbonaceous resources (coal, natural gasoline, weighty oil, fuel oil, and many others.) that are decomposed unEPTincomplete combustion unEPTconditions of inadequate air. . The expression quotgas black quot created of natural fuel, quotlamp black quot made of oil, and quotacetylene black quot produced of acetylene. There are also quotslot black quot and quotfurnace black quot. According to the qualities of carbon black, there are quotreinforced carbon black quot, quotconductive carbon black quot and quotwear-resistant carbon black quot. Can be used as a black dye for the manufacture of EPT ink, ink, paint, and so on., also utilised as a reinforcing agent for rubber.
The most extensively utilised product are carbon black N220, N330, N550 and N660 , and many others .

I. Technical Information sheet of Carbon Black:

Product N220 N330 N550 N660
Iodine Absorption Amount, g/kg 121 +/-5 eighty two +/-five 43 +/-4 36 +/-four
DBP Absorption Quantity, ten-5m3/Kg 114 +/-5 102 +/-five 121 +/-five ninety +/-5
DBP Absorption Variety of Compressed Sample, ten-5m3/Kg ninety three~107 81~95 eighty one~95 68~82
CTAB Surface area Region, 103m2/Kg 106~116 seventy nine~87 38~46 31~39
Nitrogen Area Region, 103m2/Kg 114~124 seventy eight~88 38~46 thirty~40
Tint Energy a hundred and ten~a hundred and twenty 98~108
Heating Loss, % le three. 2.five 2.5 1.5
Ash, % le .5 .five .five .five
Tensile Power Map, MPa ge -.8 -one.5 -3.5 -3.5
Extension, % ge +ten -10 -ten +ten
Map Modulus at three hundred%, MPa -two.5 +/-1.3 +/-1.3 -one.7 +/-1.3 -three.5 +/-1.three
PH worth 6-9 six-nine six-nine 6-nine

II. Carbon Black EPT and Loading :
(one) EPT: 20kg/pp bag or paper bag , 25kg/pp bag or paper bag .
(2) Loading quantity :16MT/20’container .
(three) Loading amount :25MT/40’container

III. Carbon Black Usage:
(1)Carbon black using as Coloring Agent for Ink and Paints
Carbon black has larger tinting strength when compared to iron black or organic pigments, and is broadly utilized for newspaper inks, printing inks, India inks, and paints. Carbon black is also utilized as black pigment for EPT ink or toners.
(2)Carbon black making use of as Resin and Film Coloring Agent
Carbon black has large tinting toughness and is thermally steady, and as a result it is ideal for coloring resins and movies that are warmth-fashioned. Carbon black is also exceptional for absorbing ultraviolet light-weight, supplying both a superb resistance against ultraviolet raEPTand a coloring result when just a tiny amount is mixed with resins. Carbon black is widely utilized for EPT coloring for resins and films. Resins with carbon black are utilised in vehicle bumpers, wire coverings and metal pipe linings which call for climate resistance in specific.
(3)Carbon black utilizing as Electric Conductive Agent
Carbon black particles have the graphite-type crystalline structure, offering an exceptional electrical conductivity. For that reason, carbon black is widely utilised as conductive filler, getting mixed in plastics, elastomer, paints, adhesives, movies, and pastes.
Fuel caps and gas-introducing pipes of automobiles, for example, are essential of electric powered conductivity for protecting against static. As a result, carbon black is utilized as an outstanding antistatic agent.
(4)Carbon black utilizing for Digital Tools Relevant Materials
Carbon black also supplies stable resistance, and consequently is employed as digital gear relevant content in various screen components, magnetic recording materials, and OA rolls.
Additionally, Mitsubishi Chemical has been deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) carbon black with a variety of mixed capabilities for EPT purposes.

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Rubber and Pigment Application N330 N220 N550 N660 Carbon Black

Rubber and Pigment Application N330 N220 N550 N660 Carbon Black