Rubber Accelerator TMTM Ts

Rubber accelerator TMTM(TS)

CHEMICAL Identify: Tetramethyl thiuram monosulfide
MOLECULAR Formulation: C6H12NtwoSthree
CHEMICAL Construction:


CAS NO:ninety seven-74-five

Top quality STHangZhouRD:

Visual appeal (visible inspection): yellow powEPT(granule)
Preliminary M.P. ordmC ge one hundred and five. ordmC min one hundred and five. ordmC min one hundred and five. ordmC min
loss on drying % le: .30% max .fifty% max .30% max
Ash articles % le: .30% max .thirty% max .30% max
Residues(150 mum) % le: .10% max .ten% max /
residue on sixty three mum sieve % le: .fifty% max .50% max /
additive / 1.%-2.% 1.-3.0mm

TMTM is yellow powder/granule. Density is 1.37-one.40. Soluble in benzene, acetone, CHtwoCl2, CStwo, toluene, partially soluble in alcoholic beverages and diethyl ether. Insoluble in gasoline and h2o. Stabilization for storage.
EPTly utilized as a secondary accelerator or as a booster for sulphenamides to obtain more rapidly heal price. Distinguished by quite very good processing basic safety in comparison with other thiurams high curing exercise and no discoloration. No heal exercise in the absence of extra elemental sulphur.
An superb accelerator for polychloroperene in affiliation with DPG and sulphur.
Its vital temperature is 121. ordmC.
PowEPTForm: Internet twenty/25kg/bag, 8Mt per 20’GP, 16Mt for every 40’GP palletized
Granule Sort: Internet 20/25kg/bag,10Mt per 20’GP, 20Mt for each 40’GP, palletized
Plastic woven bag,paper with plastic movie bag,kraft paper bag.
Delivery MARKS:Neutral export stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd. Also can be EPT.
STORAGE VALIDITY:twelve months.

Rubber Accelerator TMTM Ts

Rubber Accelerator TMTM Ts