Precipitated CaCO3 PCC for Polysulfide Rubber

Software Discipline:

Nano Calcium Carbonate EPT for Sealant,Adhesive,PolEPTrthane,Polyisobutylene
Merchandise model: HS-S01,CCR-S,SEALETS 200,MS-2000
Software: employed in Paint,Reactive adhesives,Sealant,Very hot soften adhesive,chlorine chloroprene rubber adhesive, H2o-primarily based adhesive,and sealing resin materials. For case in point, Polyurethane, Polysulfide, Polysiloxane, modify of polysiloxane, polybutene, urea formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, epoxy resin.
Technological parameter:

Merchandise HS-S01
Visual appeal White Powder
Particle shape Dice
Particle dimension(nm) 60-ninety
CaCO3 content(%) ge95
Whiteness(%) ge92
Bulk Density le0.six
Oil absorption benefit(gDop/100g CaCO3) 23+/-2
Guess Certain floor area(m2/g) sixteen+/-2
Humidity(%) le0.5
pH Value 8.five-9.5
Surface remedy Fatty acid
Price of activation( % ) ge96
Deal(25 Kg/bag) twenty five


EPT Sort:

25 KGS/fifty KGS/five hundred KGS/1000 KGS Bag or in accordance to Customer need.


Precipitated CaCO3 PCC for Polysulfide Rubber

Precipitated CaCO3 PCC for Polysulfide Rubber