Good New Frame Rubber Tile Mat Making Vulcanizing Press Machine From Tyre Powder

XLB 550x550x4 Rubber Tile making EPT / Rubber Tile Vulcanzier/ Rubber tile press EPT


Rubber Tile generating EPT / Rubber Tile EPT / Rubber tile Vulcanizing push EPT


Lab use, rubber amp plastic vulcanizing, rubber tiles creating, rubber gasket creating, conveyor belt and so on.



1. Conching

Place the rubber granulates and stain into the stirring barrel to stir, and then set into the adhesive to stir. This process requires for 4-6 minutes ( since the adhesive is easy to cure, so stir it when use ).

two. Weighing raw materials

WeigEPT the rubber granulates stirred, in accordance to the granulates’ thickness requirement of the tiles.

3. Paving and pressing

Paving the rubber granulates weighted on the mildew, then floated it by trowel. Firstly paving the surface area rubber granulates which is wonderful and coloration, then the thickness and black.

four. Vulcanization molding

Masking anti adhesion fabric, pushing the mold into vulcanizer to vulcanize, the time of vulcanization accord to the thickness of the rubber tiles, in EPT, three-8inutes concluded. Soon after that, Mold separate automatic, then take away ground tile on the shelves to dry.

five. Inspecting

Examine the surface area of the floor tiles formity, no aberration, no flaw, line with the solution high quality.

one. This sort EPTry has a few kinds of body type, pillar variety, and jaw sort. It is affordable, edge of compact composition, higher functioning force, large generating performance, . Procedure is risk-free and trustworthy.

2. This sequence of products have substantial push in unit location, so that we can ensure the high quality.

three. EPT can be geared up with product pulling and pushing gadget to minimize operate energy based mostly on solution demands. Hand control, electrical control and PLC control is optional.

4. The doing work layer amount can be developed as the ask for.

5. Valcanization process can accomplish a lot of processes for automatic management, can immediately detect and modify very hot plate rubber EPT.

six. This variety of EPT is handle by PLC, valcanization procedure can attain several procedures for automatic management, can instantly detect and modify sizzling plate rubber EPT.




Overall strain (MN)


Plate measurement (mm)


DayligEPT (mm)

one hundred fifty

DayligEPT no.


Piston stroke (mm)

four hundred

Motor EPT (kw)


General dimension (mm)


WeigEPT (mm)


Good New Frame Rubber Tile Mat Making Vulcanizing Press Machine From Tyre Powder

Good New Frame Rubber Tile Mat Making Vulcanizing Press Machine From Tyre Powder