Feed Grade DCP Dicalcium Phosphate DCP 18%

Feed Quality DCP dicalcium phosphate DCP 18%

Solution :

Chemical name: EPT Dichloroisocyanurate

Abbreviation: SDIC , DCCNA

System: (C3C12N303)Na

Structural system:

Molecular Excess weight: 219.95

D.G course: 5.1 UN No.: 2465

CAS No.:2893-seventy eight-9 HS code: 2933692990

1. This solution can be employed in water therapy, swimming pool water remedy, drink h2o

treatment method and algae remoStructural system: ving of EPT circulating drinking water.

two.It can be utilised in dishware disinfection, preventative disinfection of residences, resorts and

community places, cleanliness and diseal handle in hospitals, and surroundings disinfection in fish,

silkworm, livestock and poultry feeding areas.

three.Furthermore, it can also be employed in textile cleansing and bleaching, wool shrink resistance,

paper insect resistance, and rubber chlorination, etc.




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Feed Grade DCP Dicalcium Phosphate DCP 18%

Feed Grade DCP Dicalcium Phosphate DCP 18%