Acrylic  in Patiala India  Polymer Binder Emulsion for Screen Printing White Paste

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HN-5001 styrene acrylic copolymer emulsion for textile screen printing white paste

Can be utilised to make the pursuing display-printing pastes:

Pigment paste, discharge paste, large-density paste, foil paste, flock paste, EPT paste, etc.

I. HN-5001 software

HN-5001 acrylic polymer emulsion is h2o-dependent and rheology controlled. It is suitable for monitor printing pastes, which can be printed on porous or textile substrates, this kind of as cotton cloth, cotton/polyester combined material, and so forth.

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II. Features

Soft touches, Difficult movie, Rapidly drying, Gloss, Water/Rub/Block resistance, compatibility with pigment dispersants.

III. Technical specs

Physical appearance : Milky white liquid with a hint of ligEPT blue
Reliable articles : 49.6-50%
Viscosity (Brookfield, LVT.4#60rmp. 25 degC) :one thousand-3000cps
PH :7.-8.
Particle dimensions (nm) : a hundred and ten-one hundred thirty
Glass Changeover Temperature (Tg) :-22 degC

IV. Samples

Acrylic binEPTsample 01 Acrylic binEPTsample 02 Acrylic binEPTsample 03

White paste sample 01 Very clear paste sample 02 Pigment paste sample 03

High density printed sample 01 Substantial density printed sample 02 Higher density printed sample 03

EPT sample 01 EPT sample 02

V. About EPT

one.Two factories in China. Headquarters is in HangZhou metropolis and the generation factory is in HangZhou metropolis.

two. 110,000.00 square meters masking the location in overall.

three. Virtually 30 a long time of drinking water-primarily based acrylic polymer generation knowledge.

four. Top class Reacher groups and entirely automated producing strains.

5. EPT-friendly merchandise.

6. Up to 200,000 tons of manufacturing yearly.

seven. EPT sales capability.

H2o-based acrylic polymer emulsions for:
one. For constructing coating software
– HN-103 for interior and exterior wall paints
– HN-4208/4208A for stone-like paints
– HN-9301C/HN-9311S for multi-color wall paints
– HN-01F for wall primers
– HN-314T/519T for wall putties
– HN-340T/HN-332T for water-resistant coatings
2. For sealant adhesives software
– HN-154VE for development sealants
– HN-101D for water-resistant sealants
– HN-166T for higher elastic silicone
three. Polymer additives
– AT-2000/ATW-2070/ATW2080 Thickening agents
– WP-19/WP-5040 Dispersing brokers
4. Textile adhesives application
– HN-5008 for monitor pigment pastes/discharge pastes
– HN-501NK for Flexo/gravure inks
– HN-SL530 for wet curtains bonding
– HN-9827 for sponge adhesives
– HN-2108S/3451HF for glass fiber grid cloth hardening adhesives
– HN-YS861 for wallpaper printing inks
– HN-8321 for EPT Velcro/hook and loop fastener backing adhesives
– HN-6019 for PSA strain sensitive adhesives
– HN-PM01 for carpet backing adhesives-
– HN-MQ603 for wood furnishings varnish/lacquer
5. Dust suppression application
– HN-541 for street development
– HN-130VA for EPT dust handle
– HN-158T for EPT term dust control
6. Metallic antirust software
– HN-5119 for metallic antirust

Acrylic  in Patiala India  Polymer Binder Emulsion for Screen Printing White Paste

Acrylic  in Patiala India  Polymer Binder Emulsion for Screen Printing White Paste