11.5mm Rubber Sintered Diamond Wire Saw for Stone Cutting

Solution Attributes

We make the Wire observed for stone reducing with techniques as follows:

1. Sintered diamond beads with cobalt bond program and top good quality diamond from South Korea and U. K, which make confident for good cutting overall performance in each velocity and existence.

2.40/38 pcs Diamond beads with the specification of eleven.5mm diameter, and six.5mm width of diamond for far better chopping lifestyle

three. Top quality metal cable from Germany with a diameter of four.eight/four.nine mm and construction of 133 thighs (seven*19PCS), with a assure for no crack throughout normal work.

four. Excellent good quality crude rubber with innovative technical processes and products for injection, which make the rubber get within of steel cable with greater defense of steel cable and no break for the duration of perform.

Diamond wire saw for granite quarrying, Sandstone Quarrying,Granite raw block squaring.

Specification Coating kind Beads quantity Slicing materials Line speed Reducing pace Lifestyle
Phi11.5mm Phi11.0mm Rubber Rubber +Spring forty/meter Tough granite 18-22 m/s 2-four mtwo/h seven-9mtwo/m
Middle tough granite 22-25m/s four-8 m2/h eight-15m2/m
Delicate granite twenty five-30m/s eight-12m2/h sixteen-22mtwo/m
Phi11.5mm Phi11.0mm Rubber Rubber +Spring 40/meter Tough Sandstone 32-36m/s 5-10mtwo/h ten-20m2/m
Soft Sandstone 28-32m/s one-5mtwo/h fifteen-30m2/m
Other dimensions are also offered

Diamond wire saw for marble quarrying

Specification Coating type Beads variety Reducing materials Line velocity Chopping velocity Daily life
Phi11.5mm Phi11.0mm Phi10.5mm Rubber 40/meter 37/meter 33/meter Tough marble 20-30 m/s 4-9 m2/h 15-25mtwo/m
Middle challenging marble 20-35m/s 8-fifteen mtwo/h fifteen-35m2/m
Gentle marble twenty five-35m/s ten-20mtwo/h twenty-50mtwo/m
Phi11.0mm Phi10.5mm Spring+Plastic thirty/meter 28/meter Tough marble twenty-30m/s 4-9mtwo/h 15-25mtwo/m
Center hard marble 20-35m/s 8-fifteen mtwo/h 15-35m2/m
Comfortable marble 25-35m/s 10-20 mtwo/h twenty-50m2/m
Other measurements are also available

Diamond wire noticed for reinforced concrete cutting

Specification Coating type Beads amount Chopping substance Line pace Cutting speed Existence
Rubber+Spring forty/meter Generally strengthened 20-thirty m/s 2-five mtwo/h three-8m2/m
Strengthening reinforced 20-25m/s one-two mtwo/h 1-3mtwo/m
Steels or metallic framework 20-25m/s .5-one.5m2/h .five-1.5m2/m
Other sizes are available

Diamond wire observed for block squaring and profiling

Specification Reinforcement Beads amount Slicing materials Line speed Pace Life
Phi8.8mm Phi8.2mm Rubber /Plastic 40/meter 37/meter Challenging granite 25-thirty m/s 7-10 m2/h seven-10m2/m
Middle challenging granite twenty five-30m/s 8-15 m2/h 10-15m2/m
Delicate granite twenty five-30m/s 10-20mtwo/h fifteen-20mtwo/m
Phi8.8mm Phi8.2mm Plastic 37/meter 33/meter Difficult marble thirty-40m/s 10-20mtwo/h 20-30mtwo/m
Middle tough marble thirty-40m/s fifteen-twenty five mtwo/h 25-35m2/m
Gentle marble 30-40m/s twenty-thirty m2/h 30-40mtwo/m

Other measurements are also accessible

When area orEPTof wire saw for stone slicing, you should kindly inform:
one. The EPT and complex parameters of wire noticed EPT
2. The hardness and chemical information of granite content, if attainable
3. The common dimension of the slicing bench, eEPTly the functioning peak
4. Predicted slicing functionality in equally velocity and life
5. Particular necessity if any

Selling Units: Single item
Single deal dimension: 50X50X10 cm
Single gross fat: 20. KG
Package Type: Interior Carton box, Exterior EPT are according to request
Guide Time : 15 times

11.5mm Rubber Sintered Diamond Wire Saw for Stone Cutting

11.5mm Rubber Sintered Diamond Wire Saw for Stone Cutting